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Giving an authentic and grounded voice to the voiceless beats at the heart of BrandsThatDare. Our jewelry was born from the desire for both self-expression and proclamations of social change.

Our intention is to reimagine the mundane existing in all our lives as a creative and humorous expression of originality. We hope to provide everyone with the opportunity to find the beauty within, release it innovatively upon the world, and move towards a more harmonious existence for all.

We aim to help you find the power in your own voice, allowing you to not take yourself too seriously and live with a wild abandon full of dreaming, fighting for equality, getting lost, and finding your own truth.


Udi Behr, the designer of the SignMeUp jewelry, creates with an unmatched conviction for compassion and acceptance for all. Having fought for LGBTQ rights and for Peace for most of his life, winning, among many others, the Marriage Equality Honor Award, and the Essential Peace Award, Udi’s passion for equality is matched only by his creative success. His socially conscious designs have been featured in retailers around the world, including Bloomingdale’s and Saks Fifth Avenue, demonstrating both Udi’s talent and the need for his desire to create beauty as a means of guiding the world a little closer together.

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We partnered with Prime Art and Jewel, that has been turning designs into reality for over 40 years. As one of the leaders in their craft with thousands of designs produced, Prime Art and Jewel integrate the detail and attention of hand craftmanship, with the everchanging ingenuity of technology. 

SignMeUp Jewelry
Quality Material: Our pendants are carefully crafted with safe materials and eco-friendly fabrication. High-grade bronze with either 14K Gold over or Rhodium over.
Hand Polishing: 22-stage process for our enamel color filling including hand polish.
Protective Coating: Three protective layers including hypoallergenic layer. 
Nickel-Free Product Guarantee