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All our pendants come with matching adjustable 16-20” length chain.


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  • Product Description

      There are so many pressures on us that tell us what is “beautiful.” They can cause us to question what we see in the mirror and lead us to feel like we aren’t enough when compared to others.


      This needs to STOP NOW! 


      You are beautiful! Has anyone told you that today? We will! Some people will say you are beautiful regardless of your size, weight, height, skin tone, ethnicity, age, wrinkles... they are wrong! You are beautiful BECAUSE of all of those things! Who you are, just as you are, is what is so amazing about you. Those adorable freckles, that baby bump, those gorgeous laugh lines that say you have lived a great life... those attributes that we are told to be self-conscious of... those are the attributes of True Beauty.

      This necklace is meant for you, right now, just as you are. You could be a young lady just stepping out into the world, a wise older adult with magnificent gray hair or anything in between and we want you to know this is for you.

      This is your moment!

      Next time you look in the mirror, see this reminder looking back at you and know that your beauty is never to be questioned again!


  • Product Information & Quality Guarantee
    • 🏆 Quality Guarantee. We stand behind our craftsmanship. If you don't love your order it's on us.

      🌱 Sustainable Packaging: We use 100% Recycled Paper Mailer printed with Algae Ink

      🎁 Gift Box: Each necklace arrives in a beautiful SignMeUp box

      Product Details: Our pendants are carefully crafted with safe materials and eco-friendly fabrication. High-grade bronze covered with either 14K Gold or Rhodium.
      We achieve consistent high quality with 22-stage process including hand polish and three protective layers including hypoallergenic layer. It is tarnish resistant and nickel-free.

      Chain: High quality chain that will not easily break - made of fine silver and plated with either Rhodium or 14K Gold. Our chains are 16" long with a 4" extension. Adjustable from 16-20” in length. We offer an option to buy extra chains that are longer and different shapes.

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      Many still consider therapy as a stigma. We believe that each of us deserves to be happy. Pre COVID research showed alarming levels of mental health issues amongst college students. About one in five college students have engaged in non-suicidal self-injury, including cutting, burning, or bruising themselves intentionally. Research shows that the pandemic has made it harder to access mental health care, even as financial stresses and the prevalence of depression increased.

      We partnered with BetterHelp ( to provide therapy sessions with licensed and accredited psychologists to people that can’t afford to pay for it. BetterHelp is making counseling accessible via text or zoom sessions, so anyone who struggles with life’s challenges can get help, anytime, anywhere.

      To check eligiblity for financial aid please contact BetterHelp's support.